Patience – Not the Take That song.

Black Friday has been and gone.  I hoped you managed to get all the bargains that you were after.

The day was a long one for us in retail.  Shop hours in Bath extended so those at work had time to shop on their way home.  If we did manage to look through the crowds and through the window you got a glimpse of the park and ride bus pulling up outside the store, over-flowing with shoppers on board.

Well they seemed happy enough when they were milling around the store, but what changes them the minute you are not free to serve them?  Why are they short tempered with you, some even rude?  Yes we can see that your waiting, and even make eye contact with you so you know we know you are there.  We even send telepathic messages that we will be with you as quick as we can.  Our neighbouring colleagues will try to help if they you if they can.

Why do you moan at us that we should have more staff on duty?  Well we used to until the internet lured everyone in and contributed to the decline of high street shops.  If the retails sales are not there how do you expect our stores to pay for extra staff?  We are open 363 days a year but everyone chooses to come on one day!

Now we can understand your rush if you are on your lunch break or have a pending appointment, but if you are out for the day is there any rush?  We have an abundance of testers and you can play with these until your hearts content.  There is also tissues and cotton wool available for you.  You might even discover something that you didn’t even know we had.

When we get to you we will always greet you warmly and thank you for waiting and above all make you feel like you are the most important customer to us.

So in the words of Take That, Have a little Patience.

Tracy x

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