I feel the need, the need to pee!

When did my bladder decide to lose it’s strength?

One thing I have noticed this last year is that if my bladder sends signals to my best friend, ‘Brain’, that it needs to pee, then it needs to pee!  This never used to bother me and I would just ignore it until I decided it was time to pee.

Now, I have to admit I do drink a lot of green tea, black coffee, collagen shot, green smoothie and that is all in the first hour and a half of getting up.

I always empty my tank at least twice before leaving the house for work.  By the time I get to work, 45 minutes later, I HAVE to pee!  Failure to do so I’m sure could result in a disaster.  The minute I get into the ladies room, I’ll be rushing to get my trousers undone whilst crossing my legs as hard as I can to stop any leakage! The relief when my bladder finally gets the go ahead is awesome.  What an amazing calming experience.

Whats changed?  I’m in my early fifties.  A woman of a certain age and my bladder has decided to go into early retirement.  So how am I gonna tell this piece of amazing equipment that I’m not ready for retirement?  Will I be buying my bladder a gym membership?

This is what the experts say.  As it’s now a year since Mother Nature paid me a monthly visit, I am now in the menopause.  No shock there!  So with the reduced levels of oestrogen in my body, having a weak bladder is an effect of this.  Now I’m not at the stage where I’m pissing my pants, but apparently lack of oestrogen weakens the pelvic muscle.

Off to the vaginal gym for me then!  Kegel exercises is what’s on the workout menu.  Now these can be performed lying down or sitting in a chair.  You contract the pelvic muscle and relax it about 10 times, three times a day.  If you can stop your pee mid flow then this shows that you have good muscle strength.  However , don’t do this too often otherwise it can have the opposite effect.

Think about diet as well as too much caffeine will see you running to the loo.  As for alcohol, not only does it make you pee more it also weakens the brain!  Another story.

Tracy x

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