It’s in the Post!

Well I always knew it was coming and to be honest I had expected it earlier, but here I am 51 and a half years old and these unusual waves of heat have started happening.  At first I thought nothing of it, but then another one, whoa, heat right between my shoulder blades then a hot and sweaty face.  The penny drops, these are your hot flushes!  But I’m still having my periods!  Well I was.  My last one was in November. Recently the doctor sent me a note for a smear test, and I remembered that they always ask ‘when was your last period’?  So by my calculations I am due one beginning of December.  But here we are and mother nature is still sleeping.  There have been a few grumbles along the way and I have rushed to the toilet, Tampax in hand, but no she’s just messing with me.  So by mid way into December, I was at home on my day off when I decided I can’t take this.  After endless ‘Google’ searches on ‘what to take to get rid of the hot flushes’, and I’m baffled and scared half to death by some of the reviews.  So, for once I’m not just going to put up with it I am going to see the doctor.  After all don’t they have the answers?  So appointment booked, can’t wait…..!!