It’s 2nd class post!

I walked 40 minutes across Bath to the doctors as I need to understand this ‘new chapter’ in the life of a modern day 50 something woman.  I took my seat in the waiting room knowing that there was one person ahead of me, so I had time to peruse the magazines.  After flicking through I realised how tired I was and how nice it was to just sit down in peace and quiet.  Working in retail is really hard on your feet!  Anyway, back to reality, doctor is calling.  So I start by telling how awful I feel; fatigued, lack of sleep at night and I’ve always been a cold person, but since November I now find myself overheating with the strangest sensations of heat.  Being a mature doctor she could resonate with me!  Welcome to the world of Perimenopause.  So I’m not menopausal, it’s still in the post.  Let’s hope it’s second class post, I don’t think I could cope if its being delivered first class! What’s happening in layman’s terms is that apparently for some time I have been changing, but it was so mild I hadn’t noticed it.  Now my life is set to be like a tide, ebbing and flowing!  So the tide must now be out!  Since the day of my appointment, I was aware that this particular day seemed to have less hot flushes and I was right.  Now, a week on they are hiding.  On Friday I don’t recall having one. Yeah!!!  But don’t celebrate too loudly for, as with the tides, what ebbs must also flow!  Can’t wait for the tide to come back in!!!

Time to take stock of me.  I’ve always been a healthy person – minor smoking hiccup in my twenties!  It’s time to shift those Christmas pounds, extra weight is not going to help my menopausal arthritis!!!  Hadn’t heard of that, but after telling the doctor my knees were so painful, especially at work, apparently this is what it is.  Plenty of lean food and green vegetables, litres of water and not forgetting a calcium supplement.  Good to go, so as I wait for the tide to come back in, got to practice my surfing skills to make it a smooth ride over those waves.

Tracy x